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Some Agents will List your House
I will Market yours
Do you know what that means?

I will create a realistic pricing strategy and an extraordinary marketing strategy that will reap you the highest reward when you sell your home.

Prepare for Showtime

In order to sell your house for what it is really worth, first we need to…

Make it SHINE!

Making your house tidy and clean.
Organization and eliminating clutter is a must. We work closely with a professional organizer in Santa Clarita. We can show you how to downsize and where to sell or donate your things for maximum profit. We also have great cleaning service recommendations.

Any home sale requires a number of different inspections. To make sure that there are no surprises that could slow down the sale of your home, we have an extensive list of contractors and businesses that can help you with any deferred maintenance. We will identify crucial repairs and suggest small improvements that will boost your bottom line.

Staging and beautifying.
Your home may show better if it is completely staged and furnished, or it may show well with simple white place settings and a fresh clipping of flowers in the kitchen. Your home may pop with a new front door color or some fresh gravel and flagstone in the back yard. If more elaborate staging is required because your home is unique, we know can recommend a great stager in town.

Our Marketing Strategy

After numerous hours of Marketing Training we consider ourselves Marketing Guru’s.

We implement all of the newest aspects of marketing, and it’s all in house.

Photographing your home.
Let’s face it- some real estate photographers are better than others. We have a creative in-house team with a special flare for presenting the best aspects of your home. They are well versed in the latest technology including special wide-angle lenses, 3D cameras, drones, and editing software to get the most flattering pictures of your home.

Describing your home. 
Pictures only tell part of a story. We know that complimenting your photos with a meticulously constructed description of your home is very important.

Your home’s custom website. 
We believe that every house should have a website: www.123youraddress.com. We personally buy this domain name, and our in-house team of graphic and web designers put together an all-inclusive website. This combines your home’s photos, dronevideo,tour factory video, and proper description.

Just Listed postcards.
We design and send postcards featuring your home to appropriate neighborhoods and addresses. This will generate a ground swell of interest in your local community.

Facebook and Instagram Advertisement.
One of the best ways to spread the word about your home is through social media. We grew up in the social media generation, so we know every nook and cranny of the Internet. We have learned special skills on how to create marketing campaigns on sites like Facebook and Instagram, where your home’s custom website will be displayed.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zillow, Tulia, and over 600 other websites.
Your home will be posted on MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Keller Williams and almost 600 other real estate search sites the day that it comes up for sale. We strive to take advantage of the fact that in this day and age most people find their homes online.

We take open houses to the next level.
The days of the old “open houses” are over. We market and paid advertisement online and Social Media for a successful open house. We partner with a Vendor to be available to several potential buyers at the same time

We Belong to the largest Real Estate Network
Relationships are very important in Real Estate. We maintain a close relationship with the Top agents to market your property directly. We have monthly meetings, Tour Bus Caravan where over 50 agents will preview your home as well we are part of the Signature Listing Program, where your property will be advertised to not only local agents, but out of the area, lenders, credit unions, relocation companies, etc.

Our Pricing Strategy

We will create a realistic pricing strategy that can reap you the highest reward when you sell your home.

One goal when you’re selling your house is to get as much money as possible. It’s tempting to overprice — there’s always a chance you might score big. Right?
Technically, yes. But that doesn’t mean testing the market by setting your home’s price above what the house is worth is a good strategy. In fact, there are many reasons not to test the market this way.

How to Price Correctly.
It is absolutely imperative to find a real estate agent who is an expert in selling real estate in California, who will tell you the truth about the market value of your property rather than the high price you want to hear.

In choosing the wrong agent you waste precious time, experience anger and frustration over the lack of activity, and eventually settle for less money on your sale.

To be fully informed when you pick a price, have the opportunity tovisit homes that you feel are comparable in size and location to your home.

Beware of false hopes from “sign agents”.
What’s a sign agent? Some agents may agree to any price you want just to get their sign on your lawn. The best Realtors are ones that work with their clients on realistic expectations of what the home will likely sell for.

Some sellers who price high are given false hope by agents who are uncomfortable talking with their clients about the true value of their home.

Many sellers price their property incorrectly because they choose to list their property with the agent who quotes them the highest asking price. With some highly optimistic agents this may be an honest onetime mistake. Sadly, with many it is instead a common and deceptive practice which insiders call “Buying the Listing”. Do not fall into this trap of listening only to what you want to hear.

If you price too high…

You won’t get offers (but nearby homes for sale will).
When you price too high, you’re helping sell the other homes in the neighborhood that are listed for less.

After seeing your high-priced home, buyers may be eager to get the better-value house nearby — even if they liked your home better.

Statistics show that listing your home at 5% higher will divide your market of potential buyers in half. When you list it at 15% higher than market value, you will only have a 20% chance of selling.

People won’t even see your listing.
People generally set up search parameters by price when looking online for a home.

Let’s say your house is worth $875,000, but you’re asking $915,000. You won’t capture buyers who search for houses within the $800,000 to $900,000 range.

You will squander the early days.
Sellers are in the driver’s seat the first 30 days a house is on the market. The listing is still new, so you have the buyer’s attention.

The ideal scenario is that you price to sell in the first two weeks. That way, you stand to get multiple offers.

When you price a home too high, you waste some of the time (during which) you have the most leverage with any potential buyer.

Your house gets stale.
If your house is on the market longer than 30 days, new buyers wonder what’s wrong with your house. Why has it been on the market for so long? What flaws did others see that made them pass up your list price?

Real estate agents refer to this as a “stale home”. 
And here’s the real problem: When you do drop the price, you often get less for your house than if you offered a realistic price from the start. A house that sits on the market for more than 30 days directly translates to a larger discount from list price to ultimate sales price. After three months of sitting on the market, you will see most houses lower the price. Eventually a bargain hunter may come along and offer them bottom dollar.

The house won’t appraise at the high price.
Many buyers will be getting a mortgage. And that lender will need an appraisal.

If comparable home sales over the last six months and current market conditions don’t support your sales price, then your buyer won’t get the mortgage.

No matter how much you love your house, the appraiser will most likely not see it with the same nostalgia.

I have done 1000’s of Property Valuations called BPO which stands for Broker Price Opinion, for numerous Banks and Investors, if you need an opinion on Price, I am on your side to give you a realistic number.

You lose credibility.
Buyers are savvy. They’ve usually done the research and have a ballpark idea of what homes in your neighborhood are worth. When you price too high sellers might not even look at your property.

Not everyone likes to play Let’s Make a Deal.
A common reason sellers price high is that it leaves room for negotiation. The problem with this tactic? If buyers overlook your house because it’s out of their budget, there will be no one to negotiate with.

While some buyers might enjoy the negotiation process, a solid buyer respects and appreciates a home priced just right.

Choose the right AGENT!
You must rely on your agent for accurate comparative sales statistics and pricing guidance. A good agent provides the facts to help you avoid the worst mistake you can make: overpricing.

Not all agents are good! The right asking price is critical to the success of your sale.

I have been in both sides of the transaction representing,sellers, buyers, investors and banking Institutions. My experience, knowledge, excellent negotiating skills, and hard work will be at your service to obtain the best price for your home.


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